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The audio tracks to the left are all engineered, produced, edited and mastered by David Jones at Sonus Audio.
The collection represents the wide range of classical music we worth with, from solo instrumental recordings to chamber choirs & ensembles, and choruses & orchestras.
The video above about composer Chris Roe highlights Sonus Audio's typical chamber ensemble setup as well as showcases the film-score we recorded for the movie Mission Control.
- Reviews -
 - Grammophone Magazine:
          'Just in case you thought high-resolution recording was only heard at it best when unravelling the complexities of large ensembles, this wonderfully atmospheric set of solo violin works really benefits from being heard in the 96kHz/24bit in which it was originally recorded. The instrument is beautifully focused, and the ambience of the recording venue adds a luminosity and presence to the captivating performances. Every note is crystal-clear, hanging in the recorded acoustic in a rather wonderful manner'
Editor's Choice - February 2016
 - BBC Music Magazine:
          'Saram's potent musical personality shines through'
4* Recording Review.
- BBC Music Magazine:
          'An inspired debut disc from the Fieri Consort'
Choral and Song Monthly Choice.
- Art Music Lounge:
          'Overall, then, this is a fine album of interesting music, played by an excellent artist committed to promoting modern works. Well recommended!'
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