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Location Rack





Line Audio 8MP - 


     Three Line Audio 8MP units each providing 8 channels of high quality, low noise gain. Each channel has its own independent PAD, High Pass Filter and 48Volt Phantom Power. A total of 24 mic inputs.



Antelope Orion 32 -


     This unit provides spampling rates up to 192KHz and up to 32 channels of simultanious I/O.



Sonnet RackMac Mini -


     Rack enclosure for Mac Mini and Superdrive.

Mastering Rack





Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV Parallel-Passive Equalizer - 


     The Gyratec XIV is a true tube, all passive, five band stereo equalizer. It's sound is based on the world famous Pultec programme EQ but is updated for modern use and can be driven to achieve subtle tube distortion when wanted. 



Antelope Eclipse 384 - 


    Eclipse 384 is an advanced 384 kHz A/D & D/A converter clocked by Antelope's renowned 64-bit technology and a flexible monitoring system.



Tascam CD-160 -


     A standard CD player for checking Red-Book audio CDs for playability and functionality.

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