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System & Misc

The recording rig is based round a Pro Tools 11 rig on a top spec Mac Mini i7. The rig has a total of 32 I/O to allow for large sized recording sessions. The rig is completely portable and can be taken to any location throughout the UK.


Location monitoring is managed by a a Lavry Engineering DA10 into AKG K702 openbacked headphones for crystal clear and accurate monitoring; playback is given to a pair of Geithain RL906 nearfield monitors. For situations where the rig must be setup in the same room as the recording, a pair of Shure SE535 IEMs are also used for maximum isolation.


Mixdown, editing and mastering of recording sessions are done off site with a pair of ATC SCM40s powered by PMC DS-001 Hypex amps. Digital - Analogue conversion is done with Antelope Audio's flagship Eclipse 384 converter providing sampling rates up to 384KHz. EQ adjustments use the Gyraf Audio XIV - Passive Tube EQ.


Extras include a 5 meter high microphone stand for orchestral, choral and cathedral organ recordings so that optimum microphone setting and placement are possible. This is used in conjunction with a Grace Design SpaceBar.


Multicore microphone cabling up to 50 meters in length allows for monitoring to be done remotely from the recording location.


Audio Red Book CD mastering, recording sessions and editing are performed using Prism Sound's SADiE 6 Software.

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